onsemi offers Radiation Hardened by Design (RHBD) solutions critical for space and Hi-Rel applications. Available in the company’s 110 nm digital Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) processes, the design offering includes a novel flip-flop architecture called Self Restoring Logic (SRL). SRL remains hard to single event effects at high Linear Energy Transfer (LET) while operating up to 700 MHz, far exceeding the capability of legacy RHBD flip-flop architectures.

Other features include a latch-up resistant Dual Port SRAM with onboard error correction code (ECC), hardened clock elements, high-speed I/O cells, and a single event latch-up protection cell. These cells are compatible with the existing digital ASIC flows, resulting in superior pricing, development spans, and manufacturing cycle times. onsemi has a wide range of design solutions to mitigate radiation effects.

Hardened IP and a proven commercial ASIC development flow combine to achieve results that meet the design and application needs of a wide range of applications. The company’s ASIC legacy spans five decades and includes thousands of design-from-spec, customer interaction, and FPGA conversion success stories. The addition of 110 nm RHBD capabilities enables onsemi to expand our ASIC heritage and service the needs of existing and new customers.