onsemi's new Hyperlux™ image sensor family is steering the future of ADAS and autonomous driving!

Better and Smaller Pixels

Find out how smaller pixels can be better for low light performance of automotive sensors.


ADAS and Automation Systems enable modern vehicles to become semi-autonomous with increased safety, minimizing fatalities and injuries. The technology evolves every model year, leading to increased levels of safety and ultimately fully autonomous vehicles.

Systems such as adaptive front lighting, autopilot, park assist, surround-view and rearview cameras, lane departure warning, automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and collision avoidance are becoming mainstream.

These systems extensively use image sensors and LiDAR detectors that continuously sample the vehicle’s operating environment. A Machine Vision processor in the system controller analyzes the data and algorithmically decides any necessary actions.

Advanced front lighting combines sensors, motors, and an LED matrix to adjust the direction and intensity of the light beam. Light is focused where needed and with a more extended range, improving visibility for the driver and lowering distractions for other drivers and pedestrians.

We have a significant presence in ADAS. Besides our high-performance image sensors, LiDAR detectors, and extensive partnership ecosystem, we offer a comprehensive product portfolio including power management, lighting solutions, motor drivers, system design expertise, reference designs, powerful and flexible development kits, and highly experienced applications support. Critical components are ISO-26262/ASIL capable.

ADAS and Beyond

The intelligent sensing solutions from onsemi bring the market leading technologies for higher level of safety and vehicle autonomy, combined with our functional safety expertise and ecosystem partner support, we provide the most scalable and flexible automotive qualified products with the best-in-class performance to save lives and enable autonomous driving. Learn more about our holistic sensing capabilities to help you design safer systems that drive towards higher level of autonomy.

Image Sensors

Automotive HDR Image Sensor with LFM

The challenges of low light performance and dynamic range are the driving force to deliver better solutions with smaller pixel size sensors. Our high dynamic range (HDR) LED flicker mitigation (LFM) super exposure (SE) technology addresses the ever-increasing use of flickering LEDs. This webinar will cover pixel fundamentals and performance in the most challenging low light and high-temperature conditions.

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Evaluation/Development Kits

SiPM Direct Time of Flight (dToF) LiDAR

A single point range finder development kit for cost-optimized industrial and commercial applications.

Reference Design

NIR LED Driver for DMS/OMS Applications

This reference design details a complete solution for a NIR LED driver for driver and occupant monitoring applications.

MARS: Modular Automotive Reference System

A complete imaging solution for camera system developers and software developers working on automotive imaging applications.

Direct Time−of−Flight Depth Sensing Reference Designs

Depth sensing with precise measurements is a requirement for many applications in today’s markets, including industrial, consumer, and automotive.

Technical Documents

Power-Up Standby Higher Leakage Current in Image Sensors and SoC Parts

The app note provides information regarding a potential for high current draw, when power is first applied to the sensor or sensor + ISP SoC.

Cooling Concept Assessment for High Power Step−Down Conversion

Dive into our step-by-step test set up with measurements and results to learn why step-down conversion improves thermal management.

Automotive Imaging Power Architecture and Design

Imaging system input and intermediate voltages play a critical role in total system efficiency, performance, and component selection.

Evaluating Functional Safety in Automotive Image Sensors

Almost all Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) both today and in the foreseeable future are built primarily on machine vision to drive the decision process.

SiPMs in Direct ToF Ranging Applications

This white paper is intended to assist in the development of SiPM based LiDAR systems.


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